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United Networking Group Inc. is a for profit networking community created to help bring together resources, ideas, and capital to create opportunities and wealth for our members.

Members invest as little as $25 a week to raise capital that will be used to invest in real
estate and business ventures.


Job Opportunities:
*** When UNG purchases homes in need of repair, we will look to our members first to assist with the construction.
***When UNG purchases a business, we will look to have our members work there.


Long Term Wealth:
***Members will be issued stock certificates for the money invested, which they can sell, transfer or hold on to and collect profit which is paid out as dividends. As long as you have your shares, you or any beneficiary you choose can continue to collect dividends.
***Owning shares make you part owner of the corporation, therefore, our success is your success!

Home Buying Opportunities:
***When UNG renovates a property and place it for sale, we will offer the opportunity to purchase it to our members first.

Business Opportunities:
***We will look to partner up with members who seek to have their own business.
***We will utilize our members skills and talents to get the most out of everyone's experiences.

Privacy Policy: It is United Networking Group policy that no information pertaining to our members is released to any other entities for any reason.


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